Julian’s Hope Story

Hello everyone, meet Julian, he would like to share his hope with you. He knows Hope is tied to love and he’s been getting a lot of that lately from everyone around him. Last May 2013 Julian was diagnosed with a type of limb girdle muscular dystrophy called Sarcoglycan deficiency. Although it has led to a lot of difficulties, Julian is keeping a positive attitude.

Recently, when asked if he needed Hope or had Hope to give, he answered immediately “I have Hope to give.” That’s not the first time such wisdom has come naturally from his heart. Take a moment to watch this short video and see for yourself how this young man thinks and feels.

As you can see, from a young age Julian has had Hope in his heart. And even though he deals with his MD on a daily basis, he says “Having hope is a better way to live life, when you have hope good things happen.”

Many people are struggling with one difficulty or another, maybe you are at this moment. We all need real encouragement and a dose of hope. Usually when something big goes wrong, something even bigger goes right. Julian knows there is always hope in times of trouble.

He also knows love and hope are partners. It is his hope that you are inspired by his story to keep hope and love alive in your heart even through the most difficult times. The next time you struggle with something, remember you are not alone and KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

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Love my New Car

I can’t believe this happened! A few months ago I was absolutely distressed about my old car that could break down any minute and was literally dangerous for me to drive. The thoughts of losing a vehicle and not being able to get another one made me desperate. I didn’t see a way out.

Turned out, there was a way out. It took me a while to make the decision and put the car on sale, even though I feared I wouldn’t be able to buy a decent replacement anyway. But somehow I did sell it, and rented a smelly beat-up pickup truck, which was yet another nightmare to drive, but at least could take me to the school and to work. I didn’t really see how I could resolve that situation, but I hoped I would.

I started thinking of the car I needed. I focused on it, pictured it in my head – the brand, the cost, even the color – and told all my friends what I was hoping to get. Believe it or not, in two weeks I got the new car, almost the one I visualized! One of my friends had one she wasn’t using much, and when she heard about how badly I needed a vehicle, she offered it to me at a price I could afford.

Me and Bobby now have a decent car, and I can’t tell you how happy I am! It may be just a vehicle, but for me it’s a proof that hopes get fulfilled, and no matter how desperate you feel, there’s a way out of any situation. Was it because I got rid of the old thing that frustrated me so much, or because […]

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Is it Going to Make it?

Every day it’s the same. When I drive Bobby to school, I pray to God we reach it safely. Then I pray the car makes it to work, and back to school to pick Bobby up in the afternoon. In the evening, when I turn the engine down in the parking lot, I take a deep breath – we made it through the day.

With over 200,000 miles on the odometer, my old car is almost too scary to drive. It rattles, and clatters, but it’s not even the annoying noises that drive me crazy. It’s the thought of what I am going to do if it breaks down right there in the middle of the road, and the mechanics just laugh and say I should have waved good-bye to it years ago, because it can’t be repaired. Or if, God forbid, I and my son get into an accident because the brakes fail or something.

I’m a single Mom, whose small business makes just enough money to pay our basic expenses, and there’s no way I can afford a new car. There’s no way I can afford not having a car either, with the kid to take to school and pick up from school, and the business to run, and the thousand other things a single parent has to do. I decided to try and sell my junk car, but who knows if I find a buyer. Plus, with the money I get for it, all I can buy is the same disaster of a vehicle, so that doesn’t help much. I don’t know what I’m going to do when one day it just breaks down. I really don’t. I’m hoping someone will purchase my […]

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The Power Of Possibility

“It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.”
― Nicholas Sparks
The word possible refers to that which may come about or take place. If you can focus on the fact that something is possible, without a guarantee it will happen, you will set yourself free. There are very few guarantees in life, except for the reality that our mortal bodies will cease to exist at some point, while we are still alive we will HAVE to use the restroom and sooner or later we will HAVE to sleep. Because life has few guarantees, doesn’t it make sense to focus on what is possible? Believing in possibilities allows us to envision a future full of promise and provides strength in today to get us there one step at a time. Do you believe in possibilities?

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Soul On Fire

“When you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong and you’ll finally see the truth- that hero lies in you.”
― Mariah Carey
Inside of each and every one of us lies a hero. Sometimes it feels like all hope is lost. When these times occur we must go inside and tap into strength that lies within us. Hope springs eternal in the human soul. And the human soul on fire is the most powerful force on earth. If you feel like your hope is gone, look within, there you will find it. May your soul be on fire and FULL of HOPE! 

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There Had to be Darkness

“There had to be dark and muddy waters so that the sun could have something to background it’s flashing glory.”
― Betty Smith
Darkness does serve a purpose. Life often gets filled with dark and muddy waters. It is in those times that the light can shine its brightest. If there was no darkness, we wouldn’t appreciate the light. The sun represents hope. Each day we are given a new opportunity to see the goodness in our day. I’m sure you have heard it said before, “You can only experience joy in proportion to the amount of sorrow you’ve felt.” So when you are going throught those dark and difficult times, remember the sun will show up again and it will be full of hope and glory!

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